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Plant Genetics, Cultivation/Extraction Methods, & Experience Make A Difference.

In support of our mission and our purpose, NAFMO has hired and retains the United States’ top consultants and industry expert, Elite Cannabis.  Elite Cannabis, who currently has a large cultivation facility and laboratory in Colorado, has decades of experience with the cannabis plant, nearly a decade of experience in the cannabinoid sciences field, and was one of the first licensed farms in Colorado cultivating CBD rich cultivars under CO Department of Agriculture Industrial Hemp licensing.  The same plants that have been bred and oils that have been refined and being used in Colorado for several years will be the same plants and CBD oil being used by, and available through NAFMO.

The plant(s) that are used can make a HUGE difference.  Unlike many of the other CBD oil companies, NAFMO maintains a portfolio of 8 unique species of plants that are all United States source and derived.  Each species has its own unique growth characteristics, cannabinoid profiles, and terpene profiles.  While you may not be familiar with exactly what terpenes are, they have an import role in how a person responds to treatment via the “Entourage Effect”.  By accessing 8 unique plant species, we have 8 unique terpene profiles.  For a better understanding of terpenes and the role that they play, please watch this video.   Each of our plants are Type 3 Broad and Narrow-Leaf Drug Cultivars that are low enough in THC to be classified as Industrial Hemp and come from certified, genetically-mapped stock.  This means that with NAFMO, you know exactly what you are getting with each plant.  Since we are responsible for the growing of plants to manufacture and dispense medicinal grade CBD oil, we thought it was in the best interest of everyone to not have to blindly trust the information we were being given.

NAFMO grows its plants in a greenhouse using living-soil, organic, low-till, permaculture style cultivation methodology combined with a 100% non-GMO and certified organic input focus. In order to minimize impact to the environment as well as ensure our CBD rich plants are as healthy as possible and achieve their full potential, NAFMO cultivates all of our plants under natural sunlight protected in state-of-the-art, climate controlled greenhouse structures.

After speaking with numerous industrial hemp for CBD oil experts, in addition to Elite Cannabis, we were told the same thing by each person… industrial hemp grows better in a natural light environment (greenhouse).  When asked why, we were told that unlike marijuana, which for generations has been trained to grow in 100% artificial light (closets, basements, attics, and warehouses), industrial hemp has not.  We were told that the end result of growing in a greenhouse would be healthier, more oil/CBD dense plants.

NAFMO is using only the best, most precise and automated extraction and manufacturing equipment available.  While significantly more expensive than other equipment, NAFMO felt that the expense was worth the investment for the following reasons:  1) By standardizing the extraction processes, NAFMO is able to eliminate the “human error” factor.  This results in a more consistent finished product.  2) By automating as much of the process as possible, with NAFMO’s oversight, it will aid in keeping the cost of the CBD oil as low as possible.  3) While more challenging – by using only organic, food-grade extraction solutions, we are able to remove any chance of potential toxicity and our extensive refinement capabilities can produce oils with superior purity and potency on every single extraction.