Dr. Jason Strotheide

In addition to being a practicing chiropractic physician for 23 years, Dr. Strotheide is also the founder and CEO of a FDA-Registered nutraceutical company. Additionally, Dr. Strotheide is a nationally recognized continuing medical education instructor and has received numerous awards and recognitions throughout his illustrious career.  Relying on his passion for helping those suffering, his experience, the knowledge of the human body, the processes required to manufacture high-grade natural products, and the unique and challenging regulations established by the FDA, Dr. Strotheide is able steer Noah’s Arc Foundation – Missouri in a manner that ensures the highest degrees of compliance, quality assurance, quality control, and a scientific approach to produce the highest grade CBD oil in Missouri.  Dr. Strotheide retired from his private practice in February 2016 to be able to dedicate the time and attention needed to help Missourians with CBD.